Accommodation Guide



The function of the Real Estate Company Kiinteistö Oy Haaga-Perhon Asunnot is to rent shared apartments in the building situated in Pajuniityntie 10, 00320 HELSINKI primarily to students of HAAGA-HELIA or Perho Liiketalousopisto Oy.


The accommodation estate manager Pekka Salovaara takes care of accommodation issues (tenancy agreements). His address is Pajuniityntie 10 D 20, 00320 HELSINKI. Tel. 050 302 9173 and e-mail

Damage reports and on-call maintenance services:

Monday-Friday 7.00 am - 14.20 pm
Contact: or tel. 050 5250 434
Other times: Kiint.huolto Seppo Saksa Oy tel. 09 270 6061


The tenancy agreement between you and Real Estate Company Kiinteistö Oy Haaga-Perhon Asunnot becomes valid at the moment of signing. Before signing the agreement and receiving the key, the tenant must have paid the deposit and presented the receipt as proof of the transaction. Tenant must take personnel home insurance and presented the receipt as proof of the transaction. The tenancy agreement is made for a fixed term and is valid only when the tenant studies full-time.

The tenancy agreement is always made for a particular room, which means that the tenants are absolutely not allowed to change rooms without permission. Only persons who have signed a tenancy agreement are allowed to live in the apartment. If you notice that there are some "extra" tenants living in your apartment, report the matter immediately to the accommodation estate manager.

Relatives, friends or other people can not stay over night in the apartment.


Student get keys when signing the tenancy agreement.
If you happen to lose your key, you can get a new one from the maintenance ( and

they will charge 80 € for it.
New keys can be delivered only on weekdays, not on weekends or bank holidays.


New tenants make their notice of moving in on the Internet, at


When you pick up the key you will receive an apartment card, which you will fill in at the apartment and return it within one week to the apartment supervisor, who signs it as received. You will get a copy of the card. If something needs urgent repair, you must also contact the maintenance about it.

Filling in the apartment card is to your own benefit, because you are financially responsible for the condition of your apartment as it is detailed in the apartment card.


The rent is paid in advance for each month, on the 6th day at the latest. Use the rent payment form sent to you by the Haaga Institute Foundation.

Please note that any changes of address or name made on the rent payment forms will not reach us, as the bank only forwards the reference numbers of payments.

If the rent has not been paid by the due date, the collection of the rent will be transferred to a collection agency, which charges collection costs and interest. The collection agency will send only one reminder of the payment. If the rent is not paid by the due date of the reminder, the collection agency will request a summons for collecting the rent from the district court. A district court decision for collecting the rent causes a default notice in the person's credit reference.


Electricity, water and wireless internet are included in the monthly rent.


Every tenant is personally responsible for keeping their room clean and in good repair. Each tenant of the apartment is also responsible for keeping the common areas of the apartment tidy, cosy and in good repair.

If necessary, estate manager will leave a cleaning notice in the apartment, ordering the tenants of the apartment to clean the common areas by a date determined in the notice. The apartment will be inspected and if the areas still have not been cleaned, a written warning follows and the areas will be cleaned by a cleaning company. The costs will be charged from all the tenants of the apartment in question.

The laundry room can only be used between 7 am - 10 pm.

The laundry machines in the laundry room are free of charge. The reservation lists are in the laundry room. The tumble driers and the drying cabinet can be used also free of charge. The reservation list and the price list are placed on the laundry room table.

Read the instructions for using the machines and follow them.

Washing carpets, mats or mattresses in the laundry machines is not allowed. If a machine is broken while washing a carpet, mat or mattress, the person doing the laundry will be charged for the repairs.

There is a drying rack for drying clothes also outside on the yard.


Bicycles are stored in the bike shed located between the C and D entrances. Outside, the bikes should be placed in the bike racks and absolutely not anywhere where they block doors or other passageways.


Each flat has its own storage space in the shelter located downstairs in the staircase C. Each apartment will take care of putting a lock in their own storage space. When you move out, remove the lock so that the next tenants can use their own locks.
It is not advisable to store any valuable items in the storage rooms.
Haaga Perhon Asunnot is not responsible for items stored in the storage rooms.

Please use only the storage space reserved for your apartment!

You are not allowed to store anything in the hallways or stairway corridors. USAGE OF FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT

Blocking the ventilators is also not allowed.

The furniture of the apartments must not be moved to other rooms or be put anywhere else in the storage room except in the apartment's own storage space (on the tenants' own responsibility). When a tenant moves out, his/her room will be inspected and all the furniture has to be there. If the maintenance company has to take care or returning the furniture to the room, the tenant will be charged for the costs.


Do not leave furniture in the storage area hallways. The maintenance company will remove them and you will have to pay for the removal when you move out.

It is not allowed to change the settings of radiator thermostats or valves or to remove the thermostats..

Furniture in each room:

bed, mattress and mattress cover writing desk
writing desk chair

armchair wardrobes writing desk lamp desk lamp
ceiling lamp
trash can

Kitchen furniture:

kitchen table four chairs ceiling lamp microwave oven stove refrigerator

Each tenant is responsible for keeping their own room and the common areas of the apartment clean and to let the real estate company's representative in for inspections. The real estate company has the right to clean a room or apartment and charge the tenants for the costs if they have neglected to clean them. Tenants are also responsible for paying for any damages they have caused. The costs are defined by the maintenance.

Examples of repair costs:

new sink
new toilet bowl painting a wall painting a room
new bed
new writing desk chair new writing desk night desk
kitchen desk
kitchen chair

300 € 400 € 250 € 500 €
1 100 € 160 € 300 € 270 € 300 € 100 €

Tenants must buy their own light bulbs. If you need help in changing the bulb, contact the maintenance.

It is not allowed to attach posters or paintings etc. on the walls of the apartment.


Take out insurance to protect your home.
It is advisable that each tenant takes out comprehensive home insurance in case of accidents. The insurance will protect your home and property.


There is an internet connection in every room. In case of problems, please contact Password to wireless internet you can find in tenant agreement.


If you leave your key inside your apartment or room, contact the maintenance (day time), tel. 050 5250 434. Evenings, nights and weekends 09 270 6061. The price lists for opening the door are posted in each staircase. The payment must be paid during opening the door. The person calling for the maintenance must be able to prove his/her identity when the door is opened.

PLEASE NOTE! Hotel Haaga cannot help you in opening the doors. SAVING ENERGY

  • - Air the rooms quickly and efficiently (about 5 minutes' draught). Don't keep the windows open unnecessarily.

  • - Use water sparingly - don't leave the tap running.

  • - Report dripping/leaking faucets to the maintenance company.

  • - Switch off the lights when you don't need them.

    Save energy - it affects your rent! PARKING

    There are parking spaces for the tenants' cars in front of the building. The area is under parking control.

    The deposit paid for the parking is 15 € / month, paid in advance to the account of the Haaga Institute Foundation: FI37 8000 1070 8800 01.

    If you need a parking permission, please contact . You must also give the registry number of the car you are using.


    There is a shelter on the yard of the building with containers for mixed waste, paper, carton and organic waste. Please remember to sort out all waste correctly.


    Having pets in the apartments is not allowed.


    Smoking in the apartments and in the staircases is not allowed.


The use, possession, sales and dealing of drugs is always a crime under Finnish law (Criminal Law, Article 101 50). If you observe drug use or you see syringes or other drug-related equipment on the yard or staircases, it is to everybody's benefit to inform the estate manager or the police about the matter. A drug-free environment increases the safety and well-being of us all. Estate manager will be in contact with officials in order to prevent drug abuse.


In case you wish to change rooms with someone else in the apartment or building, please contact the accommodation supervisor. The charge for the transfer is 80 €.


Tenants must pay the rent also for the summer months in order to keep their rooms. If you terminate your tenancy in the spring you can apply for a room again in the autumn. However, new students take precedence when new tenants are chosen.

It is possible to rent the room to a subtenant for the summer months.


When you rent your room to a subtenant for the summer, you should observe the following matters:

You are responsible for your subtenant to the Haaga-Perhon asunnot. You are the main tenant with the tenancy agreement and the summer tenant is your subtenant. Always make a written agreement with your summer tenant. This will help you legally if your subtenant fails to pay the rent or other payments. It is advisable for you to continue to pay your rent to the Haaga Institute Foundation using the payment form and to ask the summer tenant to pay the rent directly to your own bank account.

You must inform estate manager of your summer tenant's personal info, contact information and period of tenancy.

In shared apartments the summer tenant must be of the same sex with the other tenants.
One room cannot be rented for more than one person at a time.


The Act on Residential Leases will be applied in terminating the tenancy agreement. The period of notice is one calendar month.

For example: If you don't want to pay the rent for December, you must give the notice for terminating the tenancy agreement on the last day of October at the latest.

When the tenant graduates or ends his/her studies, they must give the notice so that the period of notice is one (1) month counting from the date of ending the studies. If the tenant does not give notice by this date, estate manager has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement so that it ends one (1) month after the tenant's studies have ended.

The tenancy agreement is terminated by filling in and returning the termination form given by estate manager (this is the preferred option) or by a free-form letter of termination. The free-form letter should include the following information: the address of the apartment and room that the tenancy agreement was made for, the day when the room is available for a new tenant (the first day of a month), date, signature, clarification of signature, the tenant's bank account number, telephone number, e-mail address, and the tenant's next address.

Please note that the rent is always paid for the whole month.


The apartment and room is always inspected when a tenant moves out. On the day of the inspection the apartment, including the common areas and the storage space, must be clean and emptied of the tenant's belongings (if they need to be emptied/cleaned, the costs will be charged from the tenant). The lamps, refrigerator, microwave and stove must be undamaged.


Before moving out, the tenant must do the following:
Sweep or vacuum the floors and wipe them with a damp cloth or mop.
Wipe the furniture clean.
Wipe/wash the walls clean.
Clean windows.
The tenant is also responsible for the common areas of the apartment, which means that when a tenant moves out, it is advisable to make arrangements about cleaning the shared areas together. The last person to move out of the apartment is always responsible for the common areas.


The tenant empties the storage room and balcony when moving out. If tenants leave any belongings in the apartment or storage space, they are removed and the costs are charged from the tenant.

The tenant must either hand over the key when the apartment is inspected or make some other arrangement about the key with the apartment supervisor.


The deposit is returned to the tenant's account when:

  • all rents and other possible payments have been paid.

  • the key has been returned.

  • the inspection has been made.

  • repairs, if necessary, have been charged from the tenant.

Don't forget to give us your bank account number.

Remember also to change your address at the post office.


Estate manager Pekka Salovaara Maintenance (day time) Kiinteistöhuolto Saksa (Other times) Payments Päivi Kivijärvi

050 302 9173 050 5250 434 09 270 6061

Ambulance and fire brigade

112 112 112